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Why am I being charged for additional messages?

Respond Flow charges you based on how many messages are sent. If you go over the character limit it counts as an additional message.

In this article, we will discuss how messages are encoded when sent through carriers and how this can affect your billing. Message cost changes depending on how you send the message. For example, there is a different cost for text-messages with pictures in them (MMS). I will list below the different amounts you can be charged for different types of messaging.

Message Costs

  • Respond Flow will bill you $0.01 per text message sent. 
  • The maximum character limit with text is 160 characters. If you go over this you will be CHARGED for an ADDITIONAL MESSAGE. 
  • Pictures messages (MMS) cost $0.02 per message. 
  • If you decide to use Emoji or Unicode the maximum character limit is 70 characters. 

In practice, if you send a message that is 170 characters long it will cost you $0.02 and if you were to add an emoji it would be $0.03. A picture message with a one-sentence caption will cost $0.03 per message sent. This means if you send it to 1000 contacts it will cost you approximately $30~ based on deliverability. Respond Flow does not charge you for messages if they are not successfully delivered. Character limits exist because of how the cell-phone carriers have set-up their services. We are also charged more for messages over 160 characters.