How to Manually Unsubscribe or Block a Contact

Learn how to manually remove users from your text lists

Unsubscribing Contacts From conversations 

Navigate to the conversations tab. Click on the icon shown above to navigate over to the conversations menu. Here you will see all the conversations with your contacts

Click on the conversation with the contact you are going to unsubscribe or block. Then hit their name located in the top right. Hitting this button will bring you to the next page that allows you to delete, unsubscribe, or block a contact.

Volt Conversations 1Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 1.50.36 PMVolt Editing Contact 2


Unsubscribing From The Contacts Page

Locate the Contacts tab on the Volt sidebar. Select the contact you are trying to block or unsubscribe. This will bring up the same menu located above. Choose between deleting, blocking, or unsubscribing the contact. 
Note: This is a good place to manually edit Custom Fields. 

Volt Contacts ScreenshotVolt Editing Contact 2