How to Create a List

Lists are great for segmenting customers and are required to send Waves or set up Flows.

Creating lists in Volt is very easy. All you need to do is navigate to the Contact Manager located on the sidebar. Once there click the "+" button next to your lists to create a new one. Once you have named your list we will want to add some contacts. 

You can do so by using a CSV upload or the "Add Contact" function

Contact Manager 3


To manually add a contact:

Click the ADD NEW CONTACTS button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen

Then, the window below should pop up and you can add their contact info.


To Upload a CSV:

First, choose the list you’d like to add the contacts to.

Next, click the button shown below:

Then you will see the upload window pop up and you can drag and drop your file, or click on the cloud icon to select your file. If you don’t know how to properly format your file for a CSV upload, read our article on How to Format a Contact List.

*Note: If you want to add Custom Fields to your contacts, you’ll need to upload them through a CSV*


To duplicate an existing list:

Simply hit the Clone button and your new list will be created.

Now that you’ve got your lists set up, you’re ready to send out your first Wave or Flow!

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