How to sign up external contacts from within Respond Flow

Utilizing the external signup link built into Respond Flow 

In this article, we will discuss how to use the external signup link located within the account manager. This is a simple form you can fill out to add individual contacts or you can share it with your customers so they can fill it out. Once we are complete, you will be able to have people sign up on their own or you can use it yourself.

1. Navigate to the Account Settings tab from the Homepage

This section is located by clicking on the drop down menu located next to your name in the top right corner

2. Click on the ACCOUNTS tab within the SETTINGS menu

Click anywhere around that pink box to open up the ACCOUNTS menu. This is where the external signup sheet will be located.

3. Click on your account or your admin's account

I have a test account so there is only one user in this section. However, if you are part of an organization there may be more than one account located here. Choose the account that is yours or is assigned to you.

4. Click on the External Signup Link!

This link can be shared with people so they can fill out the information on their own. Also, as a user, you are able to add people through this method as well. Very useful if you don't have a collection point set up yet!


We have successfully learned how to utilize the External Signup Link. This is what the form looks like and its where they will fill out the information. Check below to see some example use cases and ways to implement!

Video Tutorial


  1. Share it with your customers by copying the link from the search bar and sending it to them via email
  2. Pull it up on a Tablet/PC next to your POS. If you decide to pull it on your Ipad It will function as a physical collection point. I highly encourage you to make this apart of your CHECK-IN or CHECK-OUT procedures for maximum number collection.