How to send a text to one person

For the times you just want to send one person a message.

Video Tutorial

How to Reply and Message on one person

Sending an individual message

Ever want to send one person a message without blasting it to all of your contacts? Here is how.

1) Make sure the person is added to your Respond Flow as a contact!!

2) Navigate to the conversations page and hit the "+" button and enter the person's name.

3) Type your message into the conversation bar, hit send, and get the conversation started!

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 11.41.06 AMSearching for conversations. 

In addition, you can search for replies as well. This method is great for locating a specific conversation if you have a big amount of phone numbers in your database. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 11.40.19 AM

Click on the "search" icon and type in a contact's name to bring up the conversation. You can also filter by "unread", "opened", and "closed". 

We will continue to update this article as changes are made to Respond Flow.