How to collect numbers through "Texting in"

Automating number collection with a keyword so your customers can text to sign up.

How to collect numbers through texting-in

In this article, we will be discussing how to automate the collection of names and numbers via "texting in" and the external signup form. Essentially, we will be creating a Flow that triggers an event whenever your customers text a certain keyword to your Respond Flow number. After this tutorial, customers will be able to sign themselves up by texting a certain word to your account number.

1A Create a new list called "Text-in sign-up". This where all the new numbers will go!

This is the list that will hold all of the numbers you collect from setting up this automatic process. It's important to name it correctly so you can keep track of all the contacts you collect from this method.

If you need a refresher on how to create a list click here

1B. Navigate to the Flows section within Respond Flow

This is the section we will use to set up the automatic collection of your customer's numbers!

2. Click on the "Create New Flow" Button located in the top-right

Flows allow you to automate a sequence of events based on a trigger action (customer texting in). Clicking here will allow you to move on to the next steps where we can set up your automation.

3. Give your Flow a name and a description to document its purpose for internal use.

Feel free to put whatever you want here. It's for your team to remember what the flow does and how it works. Customers will not be able to see this information.

4. Select "Received Keyword" under "When This Happens" and for "On this list…" Select the "ALL" list. Also, you may choose your trigger words (they are not case sensitive).

This is where will the magic happen! The trigger words you choose will be the words your customers text-in to automatically sign-up. You may choose as many as you want. They just need to be separated by commas!!

5. Under "This Should Happen…" Select "Move to list". Then select the list of your choice. You could use the "Text-in to Sign-up" list or create a new list just for this Flow.

We have now automated the adding of numbers to your all list when the system receives certain keywords. Next, we will be creating a Call To Action so that customers will know that they can sign up by texting your Respond Flow Number.

6. CREATE a "CALL TO ACTION" and make sure to include TCPA text (provided below so you can copy and paste).

If you want to use this form in your business make a copy of it HERE

Feel free to edit this and make it fit your needs. This is a super basic example and I highly encourage you to spice it up or make your own.


By participating, you consent to receive text messages sent by an automatic telephone dialing system. Consent to these terms is not a condition of purchase. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel.


We have successfully automated the collection of numbers via the "Text-in to Sign-up" Flow. This second part will detail how to send members of this list to a new collection point.

1. Add step #2 to the flow we created in Part 1

Step #2 will allow the Flow to send out a specific text when they are added to the list from step #1. This text we send out will allow you to gather more information via the External Signup Sheet. This is a form we created to allow our users to collect names from their customer's phone numbers.

2. Locate the External Signup Sheet within Respond Flow.

Located under Settings > Accounts > Your Account > External Signup Sheet. Here is a link if you are unsure of where to locate the External Sign-up Sheet.


3. Create a template and add your external sign up sheet to it (copy browser link). This is the message that step #2 will send out once they are added to the list

Name the template something easy to remember so you know which ones are which. Create a body and make sure to include the External Signup Link from the previous step.

4. Add the Template we created to the Flow and schedule your message!

Select the template, schedule a delay, update the flow, and watch those messages go!

🎊 We have successfully created an automatic collection point for your database. 🎊 Anyone who "texts-in" will be signed up completely hands-free!