Learn how to manually remove users from your text lists. There are two ways to perform this function. After reading this guide you will be able to unsubscribe contacts using either method.

1. Navigate to the conversations tab.

Click on the icon shown above to navigate over to the conversations menu. Here you will see all the conversations with your contacts.

2. CLICK on the conversation with the contact you are going to UNSUBSCRIBE

Find the person you are trying to unsubscribe and select the conversation with them. This will allow you to perform the next step.


Hitting this button will bring you to the final step of this tutorial. The next page allows you to delete, unsubscribe, or block contacts.


For the purpose of this tutorial, we covered how to unsubscribe a contact. But, there are other functions on this page worth remembering. Blocking a contact may come in handy one day if someone is abusing your text program!

👇 Unsubscribing numbers using the contacts page👇

1. Navigate to the contacts tab

Once you have arrived on the Respond Flow Dashboard, click on the contacts tab located on the side. This will bring you to the contact manager.

2. Select the "ALL" List:

This is your default list and it has all of your contacts on it. From here you will be provided with a list of names present in that list.

3. Select the contact you are unsubscribing.

For the purpose of this example, I will be unsubscribing "David". Click the Icon shown in the picture above to continue!

4. Unsubscribe them!

Once you Have arrived on that screen you will notice the big red unsubscribe button, this is where the magic happens. Click this button to unsubscribe your contact. You may also block and delete numbers on this page. Voila! you have manually unsubscribed a contact.

Note: This user has been moved to a list called "unsubscribe"

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