It’s time to learn how to create your first flow! They may seem a little confusing at first but don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, FLOWS are an incredibly useful tool. They can help automate moving contacts to a new list, sending automatic replies, and more! So let’s get started.

For this example I am going to show how to ask and move a contact from my ALL list to my VIP list.

In your sidebar click on the FLOWS icon

In the upper right corner of your screen, you will select CREATE NEW FLOW

Now, you are ready to start creating your flow. We suggest you name your flow something that will be easy for you to remember, I am going to call mine WELCOME: All to VIP.

Now I am going to set up the first step of this FLOW. I want all new customers when added to the ALL list to be sent a text asking if they want to be on the VIP list. To do this you can either type a message or use a template you have created.

*Also you may notice that I put a large number in the TIME TO WAIT box, this is because it is measured in seconds and I wanted to wait 20 minutes after someone was added to the ALL list before sending out the text.*

I am doing multiple steps here so now I click ADD STEP and move on to Step #2 where I will make it so everybody that responds using one of the key words I set up will be moved to the VIP list.

*Keywords are not case sensitive and you can add multiple*

Now that I have finished all I have to do is click the CREATE FLOW button and I’m done!

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