1) Get Your Contacts Together

  • The first thing you'll want to do is download your contacts into a CSV file. We'll need to make sure that your file is properly formatted before we upload it to Respond Flow

2) Correct Ordering of Headers:

  • When you view your file in Excel, Google Sheets, or Pages, the columns should be in this order and contain their respective headers in the first row.
  • First Name | Last Name | Phone Number | Comma Separated Tags

3) Phone Number Format:

  • All phone numbers should be formatted without a country code or any special characters like parenthesis, dashes, periods, plus sign, ect. 
  • Example: 4052665924

4) CSV File Format: 

  • Make sure that you download your file as a CSV. The name of the file should look something like: FILENAME.CSV

*Note: If you are planning to upload more than 2,500 contacts at once, contact me at peter.daggett@respondflow.com or through our in-app chat (The floating message button at the bottom right of your screen).*

Here’s an example of what the spreadsheet should look like. 

When this CSV gets uploaded to Respond Flow, it will add both Martin and me as contacts with the tags Sales, Example, and Test.

To upload your contacts, click Contacts -> Add Contacts on the sidebar menu, and scroll down to where you see Upload CSV. Then, you can choose your file by clicking Choose File or Drag to Upload, or just simply drag and drop your file right on that button. 

You should then see your file name appear below the Choose File or Drag to upload button. Once you see your file there, click the blue Upload button and your file will get uploaded!

*Note: Don’t worry if you don’t immediately see all of your contacts in the My Contacts section. Contacts are uploaded line by line, so if you don’t see them immediately just wait for 2-3 minutes and then refresh the page.*

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