One of Respond Flow's automation features is "Automated Outreach". 

It allows you to send a text message to all of your contacts at once as well as specifying a segmented group of contacts using your tags.

Messages can be sent using one of your already created templates or you can write a brand new one directly in the text scheduler.

How to use: 

1.Create a templated message that you will send to your contacts. 

We recommend that you include a merge tag (located under the text box)  that automatically inserts the recipients name in the message. This helps create a personalized experience for your contact.

2.Schedule your message as well as segment who receives messages with tags

Using tags to segment your contacts allow you to target specific recipients with relevant information that they care about. 

If you haven't already, test drive Respond Flow's automated outreach feature yourself, and discover what all the hype is about!

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