Realtors and mortgage brokers know all too well that timing is everything. Whether it’s getting the customer to commit on time or making sure that your eligible buyers knows about your Sunday listings. If the property doesn’t move or your represented buyer doesn’t land their dream home, chances are you are spending more time than you have to as well as missing out on your hard-earned paycheck.

        And there is no coincidence that by far the greatest customer complaint in the industry is lack of communications (1 & 2), Improved communications, and more specifically; improved timeliness of communications could vastly increase your bottom line and provide you with the customer endorsements to level up your career.

        While being aware of the issue might make you more mindful, we want to give you the exact recipe to solve it effortlessly. Here is how I would personally set up my outreach campaign using the tools that are available to me online without writing a line of code:

1.     Create or find a list of leads.

As a realtor or mortgage broker, chances are you already have a website or a social media presence that provides you with a continuous flow of potential customers who are looking for a new house or are looking to sell their current one. The first step will be to make sure your list is hosted online; I would recommend storing it on a Google Sheets document. Most form submission and CRM software has a direct integration to Google Sheets. But if yours does not, you can almost always use Zapier to automate the data entry. Structure the information on your Google Sheets page by: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email.

2.     Connect to Respond Flow using Zapier.

With your information neatly structured on a Google Sheets page you should connect it to your Respond Flow inbox. Log in or create an account on Zapier – create a zap that triggers on “New Spreadsheet Row” and have it pull the leads First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email. Create an action zap to “Create New Contact” on Respond Flow. Now, every time you get a new lead, they should automatically be added as a contact on your Respond Flow account.

3.     Create an Automation on Respond Flow.

Now it’s time for us to activate the actual automation. First, we need to make the script. If you want to learn more about how to create great conversational scripts, you can read more here. In your Respond Flow account, go to the Automation page and select “Add Template”. Write something short and casual. Remember, this is supposed to replace your own personal greeting, not be a robotic substitute. When you have your template set up, select “Add/Edit Event” and choose “On Join” for event type. Select the template you just created and set the delay to 4 minutes.

Here’s an example template to get you started: 

“Hi {{First Name}}, this is Martin with Dream Homes. I can’t wait to get you into your new house! Call or text me back to let me know when you are ready for your free consultation.”

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